Italpasta Farfalle Tricolor

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Italpasta is produced from the best whole grains (like wheat) and in accordance with Italian and European guidelines. Italpasta remains smooth after cooking, which prevents sticky pasta. Available in the following types: Italpasta Elbows/Gobbetti Italpasta Penne Italpasta Schells/Conchigliette Italpasta Capelli Angelo / Vermecelli Italpasta Fusilli Italpasta Fusilli Tricolori Italpasta Farfalle Italpasta Farfalle Tricolori Italpasta Spaghetti Italpasta Lasagne Italpasta Tagliatelle Italpasta Whole-Wheat Fusilli Italpasta Whole-Wheat Penne Italpasta Whole-Wheat Vermicelli

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