Since 1994 our wholesale company delivers high quality products to retailers and consumers.
The company started in Nickerie and has currently expanded to Paramaribo and Guyana

Company profile

Simextra International N.V. was founded in 1994 by mr. K. Soekhoe, under the name of “K. Soekhoe Import, Export & Transit”. The first office and rented warehouse were located in Nickerie, Suriname and supplied the local market with basic goods, like cooking oil and sugar. The product line quickly increased due to the high demand for quality consumer goods. In 1996 the company structure was changed to a PLC (public limited company) and renamed “Simextra International N.V.”. November 23th 1999 marked an important mile stone for the company, when it moved to a new, company-owned warehouse with office facilities and extended warehouse space.

With an already extensive portfolio of food, non-food and alcoholic beverages, the company expanded its markets to the Surinamese capital of Paramaribo in 2005. Shortly after, a second office and warehouse were opened at Tweede Rijweg in Paramaribo, serving as the main hub for all the sales and distribution in the area.

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  • Paramaribo

In 2013 the company opened her first Duty Free subsidiary at the South Drain border crossing between Suriname and Guyana. As this is the only border crossing between Suriname and Guyana, it gave the company a unique advantage in sales. The shop utilizes about 360 square meters of floor space (excluding warehouse) to market exciting quality products, like alcohol, perfume, bags, watches, toys, candy and electrical appliances.

As Guyana showed much potential, the company decided to start Simextra Trading as a subsidiary in Guyana in 2013. This was the first abroad venture to bring the wholesale product line and services to a new and unfamiliar market.

Simextra International N.V. now serves as the holding company for Simextra Distribution, Simextra Trading and Simextra Duty Free. The business processes for logistics, finance, IT and management have been implemented and are under continuous review to ensure quality and efficiency.


Building a long-lasting relationship with suppliers and consumers by finding and supplying quality food and non-food goods from all over the world.


To be in the top 5 whole providers in all active markets, that deliver quality products with quality service.

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